Today, we all use internet to perform our daily online activities like browsing websites, playing games, sharing data, downloading files and video conferencing. In the pandemic era, we have also switched to working from home so it is important to have fastest internet. If your internet connection starts lagging, it can really affect your work. Most of the people get Wi-Fi installed at their work or residential places in order to get access to fast internet speed. However, if your Wi-Fi connection is not great, it can cause interruptions. 

 There are many ways to increase your Wi-Fi speed like using Wi-Fi extenders that are easily available with the internet service providers. It is important to fix all other issues that affect your internet speeds. Let’s look at 6 easy tips to improve internet speeds -  

1. Check your Internet Speed

If you are suffering from bad internet, it maybe because your internet service provider is not providing you the speed that you are paying for. So, check the speed mentioned in your plan and compare it against the speeds received. You can contact your ISP and trying changing your plans if required. Especially if you haven't upgraded your internet connection in a long time. There are many options these days for high-speed internet connection at affordable prices. Check all of the providers in your area.  

2. Reposition the Wi-Fi Router   

Wi-Fi signal can get interrupted if it travels a lot before it reaches your device. So, it is a good idea to keep the Wi-Fi router near your computer system so that it receives excellent signals. Because farther the router, the slower the internet speed. If you keep your router at a certain height, the signal travels easily to all areas. Apart from this, it is recommended to keep the Wi-Fi router away from electronics as the electromagnetic waves can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals. Even mirrors and large metal objects can also lower the signal, so should be kept away from the Wi-Fi router. 

3. Fix the Hardware Problems  

Like everything else, technology wears down as well. So, you must check if your hardware is too old to be working at its best. The only way out of this is to replace the technology, be it– Wi-Fi router, modem, or the computer itself. Make sure you are not using the router or modem that is more than three years old. You could also face problems if you install a new operating system on an old computer.  

4. Restart your Router 

Restarting is always the first and the best option when facing technical problems especially low internet speeds. Power-cycling, which is turn off and turn on in simple language, allows your router to clear out its internal cache and start from the scratch. When you restart your router, depending on your location it will re-choose a Wi-Fi channel that is easily available and has less traffic. Sometimes when the same Wi-Fi channel is shared by too many networks, it can result in decreased internet speeds.  

5. Use Wi-Fi Extender  

If different devices run on the same Wi-Fi connection, it can result in decreased speeds. If you cannot afford to lose speed, you can find a permanent solution for the problem by getting a Wi-Fi extender that is available with internet service provider companies. Wifi extender can help amplify your Wi-Fi signals so that they can reach you anywhere easily. When choosing an extender, make sure it works with your router. It doesn't have to be superfast but fast enough to use the access the web quickly in every nook and corner of the house. You can buy the extender from the same Internet Service Provider that you get the internet plan from.  

6. Disconnect the Extra Devices 

A Wi-Fi network can only handle a certain amount of traffic, so if too many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, it can result in slow speeds. Extra devices hamper your Wi-Fi speed as they use the internet bandwidth. So, make sure your home Wi-Fi network is protected with a password and WPA2 security. Because if you have an open network, anyone can connect to it easily. In this case, if too many random devices are connected to your network, your automated home devices would not get the required bandwidth.  Although it is not possible to limit the internet access to one system, you can unplug heavy devices like smart tv and extra systems when not in use. This will bring you the best internet speed.   


We all suffer from bad internet speeds at times and it can get frustrating because everything we do depends on the internet today. We make payments, shop online, order food, etc. Apart from this, high-speed internet is necessary for monitoring mails, connecting with your team remotely, virtual conferences, and online classes. It has become difficult to imagine our lives without internet.  But do not worry as there are many ways for you to improve your internet speed. If you wish to get unlimited high-speed internet, you should choose your Internet Service Provider carefully at first place.